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College Admissions 360

A Garrett Educational Consulting Company

College Application Support with a personal touch

College Application Support from The Comfort of Your Home!

The College Admissions 360 program was developed by Garrett Educational Consulting based on 20+ years of guiding students through the college application process.  The CA360 program provides students with self guided modules, in person workshops, and one on one support that will help guide your teen through the college application process.  

Additionally, students can begin planning for college as early as freshman year with some of our a la carte services including: Course Selection, Resume Development, Standardized Testing guidance, and semester or school year abroad consulting.


Vetted Process

For over 20 years our high school seniors have used our tested and vetted application process.  College Admissions 360 allows students around the country to benefit from our process and expertise while working at their own pace. 

College Admissions 360 Benefits


Personal Touch

Unlike other self paced, online application programs, College Admissions 360 includes workshops, and individual Zoom sessions with a professional educational consultant to coincide with different milestones of the application process.  This ensures that the student is on track.


Flexible Curriculum

Students and families can build their own application curriculum starting as early as freshman year to keep application items up to date and the student on track.  From resume creation, to course selection, to summer planning College Admissions 360 offers a variety of options for students prior to their senior year.  

Our College Applications 360 program guides students through the college application process and provides support to ensure a seamless process.

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