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College Applications 360

Set your child up for college application success!

Your student has put the work in at school, and now it is time to begin the college application process.  Ensure your student has 360° support with our College Applications 360 program.  Our application process, developed over 20 years of guiding students through college admissions, is designed to help your teen present the strongest application they can to the colleges they are applying to. 

Take the stress and mystery out of the process; our college application experts will guide your student through the Common Application setup, preparing their Self Reported Academic Record (SRAR), getting their resume in order, brainstorming essay topics, and more!  Through a combination of self-guided modules, in-person workshops, and one on one meetings with our counselors, your student will be covered.

Questions?  Use our Help button at the bottom of the page to get all of your questions answered.

College Applications 360

An intensive program designed set them your teen up for college application success
Your Package Includes:
  • Pre-recorded orientation session sent as soon as you sign-up.  This session will give your student an overview of what is to come and provide them with tutorials so that they can begin to navigate their college accounts with us.

  • Onboarding Meeting - meet with one of our experts to review your transcript, test scores, resume, and school list before starting the application process.

  • Workshops - our in person workshops are designed to help your student complete all of the tasks associated with getting ready to apply to college.  We will help your student with:

    • Common App Set-up​

    • Completing the Common App Activities section to present the best story to college admissions officers

    • Self Reported Academic Record (SRAR) set-up

    • Essay Brainstorming - your student will complete exercises to help them develop topics and outlines for their Common App Personal Statement and 2 other common essay topics seen on college applications

    • Virtual workshop options are available for students not located in the Charlotte area

  • Student/Parent Check-in session after workshops are completed to give a status update and talk about next steps.

  • Essay Review Meeting - your student will meet with our expert counselors to review your Common App Personal Statement topic and outline to ensure they are on the right track

  • Common App Personal statement edits - your student will receive 3 reviews and edits on their Common App Personal Statement to ensure their essay is ready for submission*

  • Final Application Review - your student has the option to schedule 15 minute Zoom sessions with our experts to do a final review of their application prior to submission.  This will ensure essay topics are copied and pasted appropriately and all supplemental questions from colleges are answered correctly.



  • A Custom College Plan account that includes an essay development module to help your student keep track of the applications, deadlines, and essays (a $150 value) 

  • A senior application packet that will include professional advice, checklists, and more!

* Students generally are able to have a final essay with 3 rounds of essay edits, however, the quality and results are solely based on the work that the student puts into the process.  We do not guarantee that an essay will be in final form within 3 edits.  Additional edits can be purchased.

Your Total Package Price


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