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College Admissions 360

Set your child up for college application success!

There are many steps that go into the college application process, and your high school student is making progress every day starting their freshman year.  Help your student navigate the choices they will be making in high school to help set them up for success when they are applying to college.  Review the services offered below for your student's current grade level.

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Second Semester Junior Year
Recorded Orientation Session
Onboarding Meeting
Common App Set-up Workshop
SRAR Workshop
Common App Personal Statement Workshop
Student/Parent Zoom Check-In
(After Common App Completion)
Essay Review Meeting
3 Common App Personal Statement Edits
1 Final Common App Essay Review
Custom College Plan Account
Optional Services*
Supplemental Essay Development (1 Hour Meeting)
Supplemental Essay Edits - 10 Edits
Supplemental Essay Edits - 20 Edits
* Only Available to College Applications 360 Clients
5 Hours of Support


Below are examples of common meeting topics that we cover with our students.  If you are unsure whether you need a half hour or full hour for the topic you would like to discuss please message us for guidance.

Meet with one of our college counselors to get advice and guidance on standardized testing.  Discussions can include recommendations on which test is better for your student to take (based on previous diagnostic test results), talking about their current scores and how they fit with their current school list, or getting advice on whether a student needs to take additional tests to be a competitive applicant for the schools of their choice.

Ensure your student is making the best choices for them to ensure that they are the most competitive applicants at the schools they are seeking to apply to.  During our course selection meeting we will discuss course rigor, the appropriate class weightings to consider (for public school students), as well as any honors, advanced, or AP selections.

Your student begins building their resume the day they start freshman year.  Make sure they are keeping track of all of their activities, leadership positions, awards and more so that they have all the information they need to make the most impact on their college application activities section and extracurricular essays.   Our resume sessions will hep your student set up and create their resume - BONUS - that can be used for applying for summer jobs, providing to teachers when requesting teacher recommendation letters and more!

Meet with one of our college counselors to get advice and guidance on your student's summer plans.  Summer is an important time for students to build their resumes.  They may decide to go to camp, get a job, take a summer course, or participate in a pre-college program - all are great options, the only wrong answer is doing nothing during the summer!

Additional Services

Is your high school student interested in spending a semester abroad?  Consult with one of our experts to learn more about the experience, identify opportunities, and put together an application for the program they are interested in.

Is your recently graduated teen looking for some options to spread their wings before heading off to college?  Many students are considering gap years to give them the opportunity to have different life experiences before they head off to college.  Consult with one of our experts to learn more about the experience, identify opportunities, and put together applications for the programs they are interested in.

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